Lifestyle swimming pools and award winning hot tubs in Exeter, Devon and beyond


With over 50 years of experience and success, we are a proud family run company. A passion for what we do inspires us to deliver award-winning service and products that benefit peoples' lives. Always striving to offer the most exciting products to our clients, we are an innovative company, that with the help of our showroom, welcome visits. Whether these visits be to see products, try products or simply for a chat, being a staple within the Exeter retail scene is what we aim to withhold. Further to this, by also having an experienced team of engineers within the team; that have seen nearly every issue that could arise over the 50 years of operating. Means that we are also able to ensure that our clients are kept happy and safe, whilst helping them get the most out of their chosen products. 


Another reason that we are able to provide extended services to any who require them, is due to another branch of the company, Cannings. You may have seen our vans out and about around the Exeter area, they are able to provide electrical, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and technical services to deliver complete solutions to projects of any size. It also means that for those who come to H2O with a tricky request, are in safe hands, working together with Cannings we are often able to overcome obstacles and ensure that every client is left satisfied.


Our commitment over the years to providing the best quality and care, throughout our services and products, has been recognised by multiple award-winning industry associations. 


  • Gas Safe & OFTEC
  • HVCA

These awards allow two things, the first being that we know that we are providing the best experiences to our clients, they also allow to show you that we strive to be the best in our industry and that you truly are in safe hands when you opt for H2O.

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