Are You Jetting Enough?


Are You Jetting Enough?

So you’ve finally taken the plunge and decided that a hot tub is what you need, now comes the research stage. Trawling the internet and making a note of your local bricks and mortar showroom, you’re ready to dive in. On arrival to the showroom, things may start to become a bit overwhelming, whilst our staff are never going to leave you stood around in a daze. Let us empower you with a bit of pre-browsing knowledge so that your journey to hot tub heaven is a little easier. More specifically so you can make an informed choice on how many jets you need your hot tub to have. 

It can be a common misconception that the more jets, the better the experience… with many wanting a hot tub for the massage effects of the jets but its important to consider that with such a variety of jets available, is it really going to be the ultimate experience with 30 of the same jets blasting at you. Using multiple of the same jets is a way for manufacturers to cut costs, requiring a lot less technical skills to implement it also leads to power being taken away from the smaller jets; that could provide a more varied experience, should they be allowed the chance to shine.

You may be able to predict where we are going with this already, whilst it’s important to make sure you that have a good level of jets in your hot tub. It is more important that you have a variety of jets and that this variety creates an experience that you enjoy. Look for hot tubs like this when narrowing down your search, a mix of jets will help you to know it is a quality manufacturer and that your experience has been taken into consideration within their production process.

To summarise this knowledge sharing, remember that higher jets can be great but ensuring that there’s a variety of jets is the most important consideration that you need to have when it comes to jets.

Our team of trained and award-winning staff can help you to explore your options and answer any other questions you may have.

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