Hot Tub Myths


Hot Tub Myths

Chlorine causes eye irritation:

This is incorrect, more common is the case of an incorrect PH level. This can create an overly acidic or alkali water level, which can cause your eyes to sting. Another factor that can lead to eye irritation is bacteria from other users of your hot tub, bacteria that are not killed by chlorine usually due to low chlorine levels or poor sanitisation can be a leading contributor towards stinging eyes.

Hot tubs are best in the summer:

This depends on personal preference, whilst many enjoy using their hot tubs in the summer sun and lighter evenings. The popularity of hot tubs in Northern Europe and Scandinavia shows that many also enjoy using their hot tubs in colder and darker conditions. Setting your hot tub to 40 degrees and relaxing as the snow falls around you, definitely sounds like something to try.

The more jets, the better:

Whilst a good level of jets is required to maximise your hot tub experience, having a hot tub that is overloaded with jets can often lead to underpowered jets and an underwhelming experience. A mix of high-quality jets is the answer, read more about this by clicking here.

Hot tubs need emptying after every use:

All portable hot tubs have built-in filtration systems, by also adding chemicals and a regular service package you can ensure that your hot tub's water is always crystal clear. However, we do still recommend emptying your hot tub around once every three months, to ensure that the water is not becoming overly saturated with chemicals.

Hot tubs need to be turned off when not in use:

Whilst this is an option, by keeping your hot tub on it allows the filtration cycles to continue and keep the water clean and clear. Further to this, during freezing weather, keeping your hot tub on allows the temperature to be maintained.

Whilst we have covered some of the main hot tub myths, our team understands that purchasing/owning a hot tub often generates many questions. Should you need any advice please do get in contact with us.

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