Hot Tub Water Gone Wrong?


Hot Tub Water Gone Wrong?

It happens to the best of us, you get ready for an evening in your hot tub. Only to lift the cover and realise that your water has either gone cloudy, foamy or milky… this not a cause for panic. But what can help is knowing the steps to take in order to get your water back to crystal clarity. 

Let us start with cloudy water, small particles that you can’t seem to touch but that are making your water look full of what is often described as air particles. This issue is often the result of insoluble particles, dead algae, poor filtration (dirty filters), organic debris, heavy usage or poor water chemistry. Diagnosing the exact reason can often prove a difficult task but what we do know is how to overcome the issue. 

  • The first step you can take is to check the filters, this should be your first point of call for any water issue. Taking out the filters and soaking them in a filter cleaner overnight can be a great way to ensure your filters are back to peak performance. Alternatively, for a quick fix, a thorough rinse can suffice but remember to soak them soon.

  • Another route to go down if you can’t shift the cloud, is to check the water balance levels, checking the PH level of the water and adjusting accordingly. As well as checking the sanitiser levels, a common reason for cloudiness can be caused by high or low levels of this.

  • Moving onto shocking the spa using a non-chlorine shock, together with your clean filters. The shock can absorb all the particles and this usually resolves the issue.

  • Alternatively adding a clarifier will clump together all of the cloud inducing particles, allowing them to be filtered out. This may fix the issue, if the original cause was due to the particles. 

  • Nothing working for you? It’s time to empty the spa, draining the spa and filling it back with fresh water can often resolve any issue. Especially after a period of heavy hot tub usage, like a hot tub party or just a summers day enjoying your jets.

Moving on now to foamy water, a film of foam left on top of your hot tub water is often a lot easier to pin down than cloudy water. A reaction of body and cosmetic oils together with the alkalinity of the water, results in the foamy residue. Cosmetics such as deodorant, makeup and detergents on bathing costumes all cause foaming. It is important to shower thoroughly before enjoying your hot tub. However, if you’ve found your hot tub has become plagued by the foam, let us point you in the right direction.

  • If you’re lucky enough to be reading this without your hot tub suffering from foam, take our warning and ensure all hot tub users are showering and whilst you may think so, it is not totally necessary to be washing your bathing costumes with detergent. A thorough rinse and leaving to dry can suffice, whilst preventing the risk of foam. 

  • You can use enzyme technology to assist with the water balance, often present in many products this technology can help to prevent the reactions happening that lead to the formation of foam. 

  • There are also specific antifoam products, these products are great for a quick fix. Like when you’ve just invited all your friends round for an afternoon in the hot tub, only to discover the foam has hit you. Don’t rely on these products as they do not rectify the issues that are causing the foam, instead, they just provide your hot tub water with quick relief. 

  • Still foaming? It’s time to drain it again but this time using a cleansing product before the drain. Allowing you to remove the surface grease and get your hot tub water back to being foam free.

Finally, we have made it to the milky water section, similar to cloudy water, this issue can be as a result of many different factors. The usual culprits of algae, poor filtration, heavy usage or poor water chemistry; just some of the leading issues. Fear not, however, let us take you through the steps to get your water back to clarity.

  • As previously suggested cleaning your filters is your first point of call.

  • Leading onto checking your water balance levels.

  • Once again a water shock may help. 

  • And finally, a water drain may have to be your last resort again.

Hopefully this has given you an insight into how to keep your hot tub water clean and clear, we here at h2O provide all the chemicals you need as well as service plans to take the pressure off of you.

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