Hot Tub Yoga


Hot Tub Yoga

The list of benefits of a hot tub is long, but many of us may think that there is only one thing to do in one… relax. This isn’t true, the ever increasing in popularity of yoga has made its way into the world of hot tub users. Please note, before attempting any of the suggested poses within this blog post, you must first check with your primary care physician if you have any health issues. 

Now that that’s out the way let us take you through the different poses you can work on mastering from the comfort of your own hot tub. First up is the warm-up, working to get your body ready with light cardio. Light stretching can prepare and loosen your muscles, ready for the exercise ahead.

Pose One: The Wave Pose.

Ok so for this one you need to stand up straight in the middle of your hot tub, spreading your feet to be at shoulder width. Begin by lifting your right arm straight up and over to the left whilst pushing out your right hip, look up at your right arm and then repeat for the opposite side.

Pose Two: The Half Boat Pose.

This one begins by requiring you to take a seat on the edge of your hot tub seat. Keeping your back straight, with your hands on the seat to keep your balance, half bend your legs and lift them with your shins parallel to the water surface. Once you’ve reached this position you can then begin stretching your arms out in front, towards your shins.

Pose Three: The Half Moon Pose.

This pose takes you back up onto your feet, standing up straight in the middle of the hot tub with your hands on your lower back. Slowly arch your back focusing on the chest area of your backbone. Press your elbows together and careful not to throw your head back too far.

Pose Four: The Breakwater Pose.

Remaining stood up in the middle of your hot tub with your feet at hips’ width apart. Reach out both of your arms in front of you. Using your torso, not your pelvis, turn to the right whilst keeping your arms out straight in front of you. You can then repeat this for the opposite side.

Pose Five: The Pelican Pose.

Still keeping your position in the middle of the hot tub, slightly bend your knees and wrap your right leg around your left leg. Put your arms out to the side and bend them in a 90-degree angle upwards. Place your left elbow over your right elbow and press your hands together. This can then be repeated with the opposite limbs.

To see all of the poses click here.

We hope that this has given you a good introduction into the world of hot tub yoga, if you need a hot tub before you can begin practising your poses, click here to explore our range.

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