How Much Does it Cost to Run A Hot Tub?


How Much Does it Cost to Run A Hot Tub?

Thinking about taking the plunge and treating yourself to a hot tub but the running costs are putting you off? Let us help you work out just how much a hot tub will cost you to run.

Whilst many of us may dream of owning a swimming pool, more often than not we do not have the required space, budget or both. Making a hot tub the perfect answer to slot into our gardens and give us the water relaxation we crave.

Many factors influence how much a hot tub is going to cost you to run, whilst many hot tub owners regard the installation, maintenance and running costs as relatively inexpensive. The temperature the water is maintained at will impact these costs. You can help to minimise them by investing in decent insulation and an effective lid that you make sure to use when not using your hot tub. These steps will stop your hot tub from dropping in drastic levels of degrees, meaning that it won’t have to use so much electricity to raise it back up. 

Further to above, it is also recommended that your hot tub be kept warm at all times. This is instead of heating it up whenever you wish to use it, this is said to be better for energy conservation, as well as environmental purposes. 

It has been calculated that for a hot tub owner using theirs for 30-minute sessions, six days a week with a water temperature maintained at 39 degrees, the cost will only rack up to around £3.65 a week, which is just under £200 a year! Whilst we understand that electrical running costs will vary, they are likely to be between £5 - £7 a week. This also depends on the model of hot tub you purchase.

The cost of running a hot tub is a small price to pay for the enjoyment and relaxation that you will benefit from should you choose to take the plunge.

Our team of experienced staff are able to help you understand the costs of running a hot tub as well as the ways that we are able to help assist you in bringing these costs down and keeping your hot tub clean and safe.

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