Skin Care Tips For Hot Tub Users


Skin Care Tips For Hot Tub Users

Hot tub users will frequently experience dry skin at some point, especially if regular hot tub dips are commonplace. With the necessary chemicals needed to prevent harmful bacteria in your hot tub,  they can often cause your skin to dry out due to the alkalinity of them. Soaking in a hot tub will also rinse oils in your skin, however, it is much easier to treat and prevent dry skin than it is to tackle infections due to unsanitary hot tub water. 

Let us give you some tips on how to keep your skin healthy and hydrated, whilst making the most of your hot tub.

Keep drinking:


Before, during and after. The perfect times to ensure that your drinking water when using your hot tub. Keeping hydrated will help to combat the dehydrating effects a hot tub can cause. By also avoiding alcoholic drinks while in your hot tub, you will be avoiding the dehydrating effects that these can also cause

Remember your lips:


Many of us forget to consider our lips within our skincare regime before it’s too late. Lips are more prone to becoming dehydrated and chap more rapidly than the rest of our skin due to the fact that they don’t contain oil glands. Opting for a lip moisturiser that contains glycerin, humectants or water-based emollients will help your lips to best retain moisture. Balms containing fragrances may be more harmful than those without; note that peppermint and camphor can actually dry out your lips further

Rinse yourself off:


By adopting a routine after every dip in your hot tub, you can help your skin to stay hydrated. Rinsing off in a shower and patting yourself dry, you can remove any chemicals and residue and by patting you are not rubbing your skin; which could cause it to become irritated and dry



Exfoliating your skin removes dead skin cells, which if left to build up can make it harder for your skin to retain moisture. Exfoliating will help your skin to replenish new cells, allowing it to stay healthy and better retain moisture. You can also add dead sea mineral salts to your hot tub water, they are great for exfoliating and also act as a hot tub water softener. The magnesium, sodium ions and potassium that they contain will also all benefit the health of your skin.

Dry brush:


A traditional skin care practice, many of us may not be aware of dry brushing. Much like exfoliating, dry brushing helps to remove dead skin cells but also improves circulation and helps to clear clogged pores; allowing your skin to better absorb nutrients. 


Getting into a routine of regular skin moisturising will help you to keep your skin healthy and allow the natural barriers to prevent damage during your time in the hot tub. Products like petroleum jelly or shea butter based moisturisers will allow for the best moisturising results.

Eat hydrating foods:


Making better choices with the food you eat can help your skin to stay hydrated. Walnuts, salmon, cucumber, strawberries, butternut squash, papaya and yoghurt are just some of the foods that can help to keep you hydrated. 

Use water conditioner:

Adding a water conditioner to your hot tub will allow for the silky moisture-rich emollients to protect your skin from the drying effects of the chemicals also in your hot tub water. This is a great way to ensure that your hot tub water is still full of the chemicals it needs but the damage that it can do is greatly reduced.  

Combining all of the tips above, whilst ensuring that you are keeping your hot tub clean and serviced are all crucial ways to make sure that your skin is also left healthy and hydrated. 

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