The Importance of Mid-Winter Pool Checks


The Importance of Mid-Winter Pool Checks

The winter weather can make the season seem like the longest of them all, the freezing temperatures, strong winds and heavy rainfall can cause a lot of damage to your pool; if it is left unchecked for the whole season. Whilst our Winterising service at the beginning of winter ensures that the foundations of procedures and chemicals are in place for the harsh weather, we strongly recommend a mid-winter check to make sure that your pool will be ready for the warmer months to come.  

We are an Exeter based hot tub and swimming pool provider, our range of aftercare and chemical plans also allow us to give all of our clients' peace of mind in the know that every aspect of care is in our hands.

There are a few key factors as to why we recommend booking in for one of Mid-Winter Pool Checks:

Your Pool Water Level - With the large amounts of rainfall we see throughout the British winter, your pool water level can often see drastic increases. This causes the excess water to be drained through your down pump and filter systems. A process that can occasionally cause issues as well as frost damage. It is important to also remember that some pool liners require that water levels are always kept low, in order to avoid water getting behind the liner and causing damage. Our technicians will ensure that your water level is correct and work to rectify any possible damage that has already been caused. 

Removal of debris - With the heavy winds we experience throughout winter, debris can often find itself on top of your pool cover and even within your pool water; both posing risks to your pool. A build-up of heavy wet leaves on your pool cover can begin to weigh it down, creating a risk of tears which would render your cover useless. Furthermore, by removing any debris in your pool water our technicians can eliminate the risk of water contamination. 

Water quality - Whilst it is commonly known that algae prefer warmer seasons, however, with the milder winters that we are experiencing the risk of an algae contamination is of slight concerns. Our technicians are able to spot the early signs of algae formation and treat your water accordingly. Remember that it is much easier to prevent an algae outbreak than it is to treat a pool to try and remove one. 

Pool equipment - The winter weather can be harsh upon your pool equipment, a full inspection will be carried out, ensuring that parts like the pump filters and heating systems are not showing any signs of wear and tear.

Our full mid-winter check will really help you to know that your pool is safe and ready to use over the coming months, winter can be a challenge for your pool.

Get in contact with us to book and if you have any more questions.

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