The Ultimate Hot Tub Owner Gift Guide


The Ultimate Hot Tub Owner Gift Guide

Buying gifts for friends or family can always present many problems, from those who are difficult to buy for, to those who already have it all. We are here to help you get gifts for those with hot tubs, from essentials they will be grateful for to extras that will surprise them. This ultimate guide should help you keep the gifts flowing for many celebrations to come.

1. Waterproof Playing Cards

Looking for a gift for someone who loves to try their hand in a game of cards? These durable cards will give them the luxury of continuing their favourite past-time in the luxury of their hot tub. You can go all out if you want to and purchase them a floating game table. 

2. Spa Bar

No one likes to leave the warmth of their hot tub but sometimes we have to in order to replenish our drinks! This next gift is the perfect solution for this, the spa bar holds multiple drinks keeping them afloat right next to you in your hot tub. The perfect gift for the social hot tub owner.

3. Insulating Spa Blanket

This nifty gift can save a hot tub owner a lot of money, with the main benefit being that the blanket blocks chemical and water vapour from gassing off and absorbing into the cover. Whilst locking in the heat of the hot tub at the same time. They’re easy to put on and take off and relatively low price, a bit of explanation when you give the gift will have the recipient thanking you for years to come. 

4. Hot Tub Umbrella

In the heat of the summer, one of the last things a hot tub owner wants is to be scorched by the sun whilst trying to take a dip in their hot tub. Whilst our experienced team help to find the perfect place for a hot tub to sit, the sun can still reach hot tubs at different times of day; especially if they are not under a cover. This gift will help to overcome these issues, shading a whole hot tub when needed. They can also be handy for patio tables and seating areas, making them the perfect multi-use gift. 

5. Aftercare Plan

The biggest gift you can get a hot tub owner is an aftercare plan, the different levels of care that can be selected are perfect for matching them to the type of hot tub owner you are purchasing it for. Giving the recipient peace of mind that their hot tub will be cared for all year round will be gratefully received, especially when repairs and chemicals can mount up to big expenses over the course of 12 months. Click here to take a look at our aftercare plans

We hope that this gift guide has given you the gift inspiration you need, any of the gifts will be gratefully received by any hot tub owner. If you’re lucky enough you may even get to take a dip to see how your gift works.

If you would like any more advice on buying gifts for hot tub owners then please click here to get in contact with us. We are an Exeter based swimming pool and hot tub provider, our showroom gives the ability to try our hot tubs and see many of our products prior to purchase.

Want to become a full time or part time hot tub owner yourself? We have hot tubs for hire available click here to explore or come and explore our full range of hot tubs for purchase by clicking here.

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