Unusual Hot Tub Uses


Unusual Hot Tub Uses

50 years of providing the south-west with hot tubs and swimming pools has allowed us to learn a lot about all of the different uses you find your hot tubs. However, we are still surprised to hear about some of the ways you’re making the most of your tubs. 

Let us give you some insight and maybe some ideas…

Colour Therapy:

Utilising the different lenses that can be used on your hot tub lights, they have been known to be used to light up rooms and relax within. Helping you to heal, should you be a follower of this type of therapy, hot tubs can really help to benefit your practises. 

UFO Watching:

When spending so much time outside in your hot tub it can become common for you to spend a lot of time star gazing. You may find yourself spotting a UFO or two, with many utilising the warmth of their hot tubs specifically to UFO watch. 


Mindfulness requires you to be relaxed, what better place to relax than in your hot tub. The warm water has been said to help to clear minds of all of the days stresses and focus on your meditation.

Psychology Sessions:

Many Psychiatrists and Psychologists have found that by allowing their patients to relax in a hot tub, prior to their session, they are more relaxed, talkative and open. 

We hope that this has given you some insight into the ways that you can make the most of your hot tub.

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