What is Hydrotherapy?


What is Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy refers to the use of hot water to provide therapeutic effects and is used widely by physiotherapists all around the world. From relieved muscles and soothed arthritic joints to improved sleep and reduced stress, the healing properties of jet-driven water can be utilized to offer a wide variety of health benefits.


Hydrotherapy dates back as far as ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman times where Egyptian royalty bathed in oils and ‘Roman Baths’ were frequently visited by the citizens of that era. There is also historical evidence of such therapy being used in far-eastern regions such as China and Japan, where hot springs were frequently used for bathing in. In these times, hydrotherapy was used simply as a tool of relaxation. It wasn’t until the 19th century when hydrotherapy started to resemble the therapy that it has become in today’s society.

How does it work?

Hydrotherapy relies on it’s mechanical and thermal effects in order to prompt healing. The warm temperature of water can help your mind relax and de-stress, whilst your body is letting go of built-up tension. When the heat really starts to take effect, the body tends to feel much lighter. The buoyancy lifts added pressure from your muscles and joints which allows your body to truly rejuvenate and begin to heal.

Hydrotherapy can also assist in improving circulation throughout the body while enhancing the production of positive and healing endorphins. These endorphins help to reduce feelings of pain and anxiety, allowing you to live a happier, pain-free quality of life.

Health benefits

Regular hydrotherapy sessions can result in health benefits including soothed arthritic joints, muscle tension relief, improved sleep, reduced stress and weight maintenance. Head over to our ‘Hot Tub Health Benefits’ post for more information.

How can it improve my life?

Not only can you benefit from fewer aches and pains with the process of hydrotherapy, you will most likely experience less stress and improved sleep which can ultimately improve your overall quality of life. Give it a try!

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