Hot Tub Hire: Common Uses

Our hot tubs available for hire make the perfect addition to many events, let us give you some ideas on the different events we have seen utilise our services over the years.

Birthday Celebrations:

From showstopping cakes, an abundance of balloons and confetti covered floors… we have found that many clients find something is missing from their birthday celebrations. One of our hot tubs can become the life and soul of the celebrations, perfect for an extra special social space and even more benefits can be gained just by you the day after; a day recovering from the previous day's celebrations in the hot tub is the perfect remedy.


Barbecue Party:

What better way to make sure your barbecue is the standout event of the summer than with one of our hot tubs for your guests to dip into. Even if you find that your barbecue becomes a quick grill and indoor eating event - thanks to the classic British Summer weather - our hot tubs are enjoyable to use rain or shine. Many find a dip much more relaxing and fun when the weather around them isn’t as inviting as the hot tub.

Hen/Stag Night:

Two of the most planned nights you will ever experience, from embarrassing stories to copious amounts of drink and some services we won’t divulge into. What better way to maximise the space available for all of your party members to relax in than one of our hot tubs, opening up your garden space and creating a space to relax in before the big night and to recover in the following day.

Family Fun:

Board games become boring, let’s face it. Movies create hour-long debates before a film can even be started, our hot tubs offer many families the option to try something different and to get out of the living room. Fitting multiple people at once, they are the perfect area for you and your family to spend some time enjoying all of the benefits that come with one of our hot tubs.

New Year’s Eve Party: 

The event of the year that brings for many of us the puzzling question of… what shall I do for New Year’s Eve this year? If your decision is to host your own party, we have seen our hot tubs becoming the feature of the party. A fun addition that even gives you the option to bring in the new year whilst basking in the warmth and bubbles of the hot tub. 

Holiday Home:

Struggling to find a holiday home that has all the features you want for the perfect vacation, as well as including a hot tub. We can help with this, checking with your holiday home owner and also confirming that the requirements are in order, we can deliver your hot tub and take your vacation to the next level. We know lots of your time may be spent exploring new places, relaxing in one of our hot tubs can help you unwind and make the most of your time away from home.

Prom Night: 

The social event of the year for many a teenager, all of the friends accumulated over the years need somewhere to flock to for the mandatory group photos. Why not invite them all over earlier and allow them to enjoy one of our hot tubs before getting ready, it will also prove popular as somewhere to go after the celebrations; should you be feeling like being known as the parent you want to have. 

This list isn’t exhaustive however, and we love hearing about different events that our hot tubs are provided for. Get in touch with us today to start the process and see how our team will make the journey to having your very own hot tub, as simple as possible.

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