Installed by qualified experts and delivered with an unrivaled aftercare service


Our team of experienced and award-winning engineers are able to provide everyone with a professional and personal service. Working together with you in order to inform and make the best decisions for your situation. Our years of experience have allowed us to have high expertise in providing all of the necessary electrical, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and technical aftercare services that you may require. 


Further to this, we also offer a full installation service. Completing this process yourself or finding a service provider, can actually deliver extra cost and a lot of effort. Our first step is to arrange a visit to your chosen swim spa destination, so that we can advise on location, access and make recommendations on supplier partners for landscaping etc. We have had years of experience in installing swim spas, our team will be able to find solutions to obstacles and create the optimum space for your swim spa. 

Our engineers will need to be able to bring your swim spa into the chosen location, meaning that you will need to ensure access-ways are clear as well as making sure that they are wide enough and high enough; this process needs to be completed by you in advance, so that on the delivery day everything can run as smoothly as possible. Following this, we will fill your swim spa and fit any exciting accessories you may have also selected. Then all thats left to do is to wait for the water to heat up to the correct temperature (will advise you on this) and then enjoy your swim spa! 


The process is very simple and our team ensure that it the excitement of receiving your swim spa is kept in focus. Working with our team of engineers, allows us to advise you on any queries you may have throughout the process. It also allows us to make sure that your swim spa will be kept in prime condition and is placed suitably and safely with your chosen location. 

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