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We understand that problems with your swimming pool can arise at times you least expect it, quite often when you need it least also. For this reason we offer weekly, monthly or seasonal servicing. Helping to give you peace of mind that your pool is being cared for and allowing us to spot any issues that could soon develop. 


Further to the above we also offer equipment repairs of replacement, operating out of our base in Exeter, our professional team are on-hand for recurring maintenance, repairs and the supply of products, spares and general equipment for the day-to-day upkeep of your swimming pool. Whether this be at home or in a commercial setting, with nearly 50 years of experience, our team have the answer to many questions you may have and are always willing to help advise you back into clear waters. 


Our Exeter store boasts the very latest in digital water testing and analysis equipment; here our experienced staff are able to discern by way of water testing and questioning the nature of any issues, offering an immediate and effective solution. Our innovative approach has allowed us to be at the forefront of technological advances, which in turn provides our clients with reliable, fast and efficient solutions no matter the issues that they encounter. 

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